Plant Guide


It all starts with the right plant for the right home

When selecting a plant for your new MiMOKO self watering planter, be sure to select the right size. The roots should touch the wick at the base of the planter. If the roots do not make contact with the wick, the plant will not get the water it needs. It is ok to cut the ends of the roots if your plant is slightly too long for the planter.

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MiMOKO Self Watering planters

Plants that work

Tropical Plants

These luscious green specimens will thrive in your MiMOKO planter and are our top recommendation for plant selection. Tried and tested varieties include the arrowhead vine, ivy, asparagus fern, maidenhair fern, pothos, coffee plant and poinsettia.


A favourite in our kitchen, herbs that prefer a frequent feeding like basil, mint and parsley are a great fit for your self watering planter.


Those that prefer a drier climate

For those with a desire for desert plants, succulents and cacti can also look great in a MiMOKO two part self-watering planter. As they do enjoy drier conditions, do not use the wick and water infrequently from the top. The lower vessel will act as a water catching reservoir.

Alternatively, MiMOKO’s single planter Desert Plant Dishes make a great home for succulents and cacti of any variety.

MiMOKO desert plant dishes
MiMOKO inside a self watering planter

Planting instructions

  1. Thread the long end of the wick down through the draining hole in the upper vessel leaving the other three ends splayed open at the top.

  2. Pot your plant into the upper vessel, making sure the roots are in direct contact with the wick. Pack the soil firmly but not too tightly around the plant, and place on the bottom vessel.

  3. Fill the lower vessel with fresh water and display your new planter in a location suited to your specific plant. Refill once the lower reservoir has been empty a few days, approximately every 2 - 3 weeks.


Tips for plant longevity


Every plant feeds at different speeds and will need to be watered more in the summer than in the winter. You will become familiar with your plant’s watering needs as your budding relationship evolves. It is important to let your plant dry out for a few days before refilling the lower vessel with water to let it go through its natural drought period.


If your plant is growing to one side towards the light, rotate the planter a quarter turn every week to give it equal sun exposure year round.


Natural salts can build up on the surface of the soil on some plants. This is normal and caused by the plant feeding from the bottom up. We recommend flushing the soil with fresh water from the top every few months and discarding the excess water.


In early spring, plants start sending out new growth. During the growing season until late fall, fertilize every 1-2 months with a water soluble fertilizer.

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