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Generously curvaceous and unapologetically eccentric.

The Stout vase is hand-thrown in porcelain. The natural state of the clay is honoured and left raw, polished to a smooth finish and is juxtaposed with the texture of the crawling “lichen” glaze. The interior is sealed with a clear glaze. This vase is stamped with the MiMOKO insignia and embellished with a 24 carat gold drop.

Every item is handmade with care and will be slightly unique to the one pictured here. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for this item to be made and shipped.

Porcelain, white crawling glaze, clear glaze, 24 carat gold overglaze luster.

Small - 4” diameter x 4” tall
Large - 6” diameter x 7” tall

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