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Clean, angular lines rise up to create an assertive presence.

The Ascent planter is hand-thrown in porcelain. The natural state of the clay is honoured and left raw, polished to a smooth finish and is juxtaposed with the texture of the crawling “lichen” glaze. The interior is sealed with a clear glaze. This planter is stamped with the MiMOKO insignia and embellished with a 24 carat gold drop.

MiMOKO’s self watering planters host a sub-irrigation system in which a wick from the lower water reservoir sends water upwards to the plant’s roots as they need it. Watering from the bottom ensure the roots get an even feeding, creating a stronger and healthier plant.

Visit the Plant Guide for more information.

Every item is handmade with care and will be slightly unique to the one pictured here. Ready to ship.

Porcelain, white crawling glaze, clear glaze, 24 carat gold overglaze luster, polypropylene wick.

Small - 7” diameter x 5” tall
Large - 8” diameter x 8” tall

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